Something I am currently on track and hoping to become is a professional ballet dancer. I have been dancing ballet since I was seven, and I have always known that it was the path for me. As I near graduation, next Spring, I am starting to put my plan into action. My plan begins this Summer with me getting Pilates certified. Many ballet companies have Pilates instructors, so this is a way I can make myself more valuable. I will also be spending the Summer training and getting coached on some variations that I will record and mail to companies. I have some connections to companies like Kansas City Ballet, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Sacramento Ballet, and Los Angeles Ballet. I will be contacting those connections to let them know that I have sent out materials for them to look over. In January of 2018 I will fly around the U.S. to take company class with companies I am interested in so they can see me in person. It’s hard to imagine what my life will be like because it depends on what company I join. My five year plan is to be an apprentice for a year, join the corps de ballet for four years, and then upgrade to a higher tier company. When I retire from professional dancing I will go back to school to receive an MFA so that I can teach at the college level. On a resource scale from 1-10, 10 being highest, I would say I am at an 8. On a confidence scale from 1-10, I’d be a 6. On a satisfaction scale, I would be a 10. On an impact scale, I would be a 6. Here is a picture of the list of companies I have made:


If I were unable to be a ballet dancer, I would want to be a Pilates teacher full time. This is a good back-up plan for me because I am getting certified this Summer. I would work maybe half the time at a physical therapists office and the other half of the time with a studio. If I were just a Pilates teacher I might consider going through the certification process to become a yoga instructor as well. I wouldn’t have a five year plan for this occupation because I would just teach Pilates for five years. On a satisfaction scale, I would be a 5. On a resource scale, I would be a 2. On a confidence scale, I would be a 10. On an impact scale, I would be a 6.

If I were financially stable I would want to be a ballet dancer. I could use all that money to train with the best teachers and schools. My five year plan would just include training with the best until I got into a top tier company. On a satisfaction scale, I would be at a 10. On a confidence scale, I would be at a 4. On an impact scale, I would be at an 8. On a resources scale, I would be at a six.

As far as rapid prototyping goes, I practice ballet dancing five days a week for 100 minutes each day. All of my teachers have danced with professional companies and have discussed it with me. Many of my friends are dancing with professional companies and I have spoken to them about it. My roommate has attained a certificate in Pilates and she has discussed it with me. I have also taken Pilates 1 on campus and received an A in the course. Unfortunately I did not make a linked in account because I don’t know how to work it and I feel that I can make connections in other ways. I feel that I am on the right track to achieving my goals, and even if I am not, I will figure it out.