This week we had to make sketches at the CSULB Japanese Garden. It’s funny because my first year I lived in the dorms right by the garden but never went. This experience was my first time in the garden. As soon as I got into the garden, I spied a beautiful tree that had leaves almost dripping off of it. I really enjoyed the 30 second sketches. Sketching is so relaxing. Also, I felt like the 30 second sketches gave me less of an opportunity to judge my work. The five minute sketch had me seconding guessing everything I did after the first minute. I think it was because I was afraid of ruining the work I had already done. I thought it was hysterical to see my creation after trying to draw my hand or the tree I chose without looking at the paper and without taking my pencil off the paper. The last picture on this post is my drawing of the beautiful tree I was drawn to only I didn’t look at my paper or take my pencil off the paper. You have to admit, it is pretty funny.