In the CSULB Dutzi Art Gallery, Brittany Waters presented her exhibition, #MoreThanASandBox. This exhibition involved the use of media, ceramics, sand, projectors, and photographs. You can check her out here :

Waters a California native from Citrus Heights. She got her AA degree from Sierra College before transferring to CSULB. Here at CSULB, Waters is a BFA Ceramics senior. This exhibition is her senior show.

#MoreThanASandBox had a projection of a beach on a wall in front of sand with ceramic turtles hatching and crawling towards the projection. In the sand, there was also a beach chair and umbrella. As you walk out of the exhibit, you see pictures of the ceramic turtles. Waters took inspiration from nature. She created 118 ceramic turtles because that is about how many turtles that would have been hatched in real life.

I enjoyed this exhibit because I am a nature lover. I really appreciate how she put the chair right next to the turtles. To me, that showed how people invade the homes of many animals just for fun.