Exhibition: INPROCESS

Where: CSULB School of Art Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Paint, Drawing, Wood

Artist: Jenny Cho



Jenny Cho is a senior BFA student. Her specialty is drawing and painting. Her exhibition, INPROCESS was presented in the CSULB Werby Gallery. Her exhibition included use of paints, drawings, weavings, wood, nylon, synthetic hair, flowers, and watercolor.

Jenny used a process called system paintings that uses a specific set of rules in order to make the piece. Jenny paints based off of the natural design of the wood she uses.

Jenny Cho discussed how her art depicted her femininity. Three of the pieces actually fit together to make a portrait of her. Her face was the piece with the paint and kisses, her breasts were depicted with electrical wires and her vagina was the piece of wood with synthetic hair.

I enjoyed Jenny’s exhibit quite a bit because I feel very inspired by femininity. I enjoyed her depiction of her face with all the kisses. There is a lot of detail in her work and I could look at it for hours. I enjoyed her use of color to depict femininity.