For this weeks art project we had to send an arts care package. I decided to send it to my friend Miranda. I put a Daily 49er in the box because she also goes to CSULB and she should stay updated! I included some fake flowers that are sparkly because her favorite color is red. I also included a sketch of my own name that I drew. Lastly, I wrote her a letter summarizing her favorite movie “Krampus.” Hopefully that will make her laugh!

Sending her this box of goodies is similar to sending a snapchat because it is a little something to brighten her day just like a snapchat would do. However, it is different because it is more like a present. It is exciting to actually hold something rather than just see it. I think ephemera is special. I truly believe that in 20 years I will really value that Daily 49er. I think there is a difference between art seen by a lot of people and art seen by few. My friend Miranda will like my sketch of my name because it was made especially for her. The more time something takes the more special it is because if it takes a lot of time then the person making it must really care.