This week I had the pleasure of seeing La Rosa’s gorgeous work. La Rosa is a visual artist who prefers to go by La Rosa rather than his name, Elijah Yee. He is a student of the CSULB School of Art, but he specializes in drawing, painting, and photography. His exhibition as in the Dutzi Gallery at CSULB. La Rosa is an undergraduate studio currently getting his BA in studio art. La Rosa’s work focuses on human emotion, the nature behind emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the prospect of youth.

I was incredibly intrigued by his piece Heartstrings. He used paint, an actual cassette tape, and a nail. It is like a sculpture and a painting. He put a little bit of red paint around the heart which made the white behind look bruised. The heart itself is bright red and is dripping on one side making it look like it is bleeding. The cassette tape was quite literally nailed into the heart. This is just one example of his work. He also had paintings where the paint was on the frame as well. He also had a painting with a burnt hole in it.

La Rosa focuses a lot on the idea of beauty and human emotion. He used a lot of bright colors in his pieces that give the impression he is discussing strong emotions. La Rosa’s art brings forth The idea that people perceive beauty in different ways. He wants to challenge the normal beauty standard.

I really enjoyed his exhibition La Rosa. I loved his use of mainstream media like his piece that had hotline bling on it. I thought his art made a lot of sense. I was able to understand that it was about human emotion. Each piece had a lot of detail. I could stand and stare at a piece for awhile just trying to take in everything. Heartstrings was my favorite piece in his exhibition.