This week I had the pleasure of speaking to Eliza Karpel. She is a first year history major from……..everywhere! Actually she is from Sacramento, but she has lived quite a few places. Her father is in homeland security so she has lived many places on the east coast. I loved hearing her talk about the east coast because I have always wanted to visit but I am afraid of plane flights (turns out she is too). She told me all about New York and how old and historic the buildings are on the east coast. It was also fascinating to hear about her father working for homeland security because my sister’s boyfriend also works for homeland security. We both discussed how we would love to travel abroad but we both would miss our families. We also talked about the dorms. She lives in Beachside dorms. When I was a first year I lived in Hillside. So, we spent some time comparing and contrasting and came to the conclusion Beachside was better. Beachside has air conditioning which is why it won. Anyway, there is something kind of cool that I noticed that you might notice as well. In this picture we look alike!!!

Eliza’s Website: