Okay, so I know it doesn’t look like I was having fun, but that is only because this was my fifth try. Unfortunately I was not so successful with this. I tried to make a mold of my hand and all the fingers broke off. Then, I tried to make one of my foot and all the plaster dried as I was putting it in the sand. Then I finally got the mold you are seeing in this picture. When I got this mold of my foot I was so happy because it kind of resembles a foot. Then I looked at the group of guys next to me and saw how their molds actually looked like human hands and got really sad. All in all I had a great time. It was a beautiful day to be at the beach! Too bad the plaster was hard to get just right. It was definitely frustrating, but I also thought it was hilarious. I was working with Makenna LaFortune, Antonella Redekosky, and Nathan Moreno and we were all having such a rough time that it became comical. Antonella tried to make a mold of her hand and ended up with something that looked like a phone holder. That just goes to show that even though something doesn’t go according to plan that it won’t end up working out in your favor. Now, she has a phone holder. She’s the real winner of the day!16298514_10211622614471722_3125928065893016147_n